TAROPAK, International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition, 1st-4th October 2018

TAROPAK (International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition) is a 4 days event taking place between the 1st and 4th of October 2018, in Poznan, Poland.


Taropak will take place in Poland, one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. If you still need more reasons to be curious about Polish business environment, you should know that Poland was the only nation in the European Union to resist the 2009 recession and it is expected to see a positive trend in its economy in the upcoming years.


The International Packaging Technology and Logistics Exhibition is the largest comprehensive fair covering all branches of the industry. It will gather more than 500 exhibitors in more than 24.500  square meters of exhibition space in 6 pavilions. The 63.000 visitors expected will be able to discover over 450 new products – from glass, paper and plastic packaging to labeling and storage.


During the TAROPAK Fair unique conferences and seminars will be organizes and these will be accompanied by inspirational showrooms – always a source of energy and fun for the visitors and exhibitors.

Taropak 2018

                                                                                                                            Taropak 2018


Fortune Molecule is the representative in Portugal and Spain of the biggest fair complex in Poland, Poznań International Fair. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at trade@fortunemolecule.com.


Thematic scope:  Timber and sawn timber, printing inks, shapes, pre-forms, drawpieces, varnishes, pigments, polymers, plastics, aluminium, steel sheet, aluminium foil, flexible and stretch film, metallized film, rigid film, decorative film, laminates, paper and carton, plywood, fabrics, plastic packaging, cardboard and paper packaging, cartons for liquid food products, metal packaging, glass packaging, foamed polystyrene packaging, wooden packaging, packaging machines and equipment, vacuum packaging machines, filling and closing machines, machines for the production of packaging from paper, carton, cardboard and paper pulp, machines for the production of plastic packaging, machines for the production of glass packaging, laminating machines, flocking machines