Why to attend industry fairs?

Globalisation nowadays is a broad, multifaceted phenomenon that impacts business, politics, cultures and societies.


The online environment made globalisation easier but we often forget the benefits of face-to-face meetings and personal connections. Being active in your industry trade field, means more than developing a product and selling it. It also means connecting with other people, participating in conferences, trades show, conventions or seminars.

Fairs and events

Trade shows are generally targeted at an industry and people/companies interested in that industry. Participating in a trade show can be a great way to advertise your products and services to the target market and to create brand awareness. The main advantage of exhibiting at a trade show is the possibility of building a data-base of future customers but also partners or sponsors.


Whether you are a retailer or wholesaler, attending an international fair will bring you many advantages:


  • Educational opportunities: You will gain knowledge and information about new trends, products and innovation ideas in your field. Live demos are usually part of these events and this is a good way to improve your knowledge about the field and the competition.
  • Networking: Thousands of industry representatives are attending trades and events each year. Collecting business cards will provide you with a useful network of peers in your field and it will help you build stronger relationships with them.
  • New suppliers or vendors: You will meet new retailers and vendors and they can offer new leads to your business. Immediate communication would make the outlets of exposure more accessible for both parts
  • Personal & company branding: Trade fairs are a very powerful marketing medium. By attending trade shows you can expose yourself to press and public media in order to be recognised as an expert in the field.
  • Entertainment: You will have fun – nothing gives a business owner more energy and motivation than having a good time while working. Talking with like-minded people will help you learn in a fun way new things about the industry.